DuBose Strapping offers a varied product line of wrapping products to aid in the protection of products during transit, handling and storage. Our manufacturing capabilities include metal wraps, lumber wraps, agricultural tarpons, shrink film and stretch wrap film along with easy-to-use, durable application equipment. These systems may be used in conjunction with our plastic or steel strapping systems to help protect against product damage or contamination.

DuBose wrapping materials are produced in a variety of sizes and types and for a broad range of applications. Our wrapping products can be applied either by hand application equipment or machine application equipment. Our complete line of application equipment for wrapping materials includes fully automatic wrapping systems as well as hand held wrapping applicators.

DuBose Strapping's knowledgeable and friendly staff, which includes customer service, engineering and equipment service, can help you design the most efficient and effective protective packaging system for your specific needs.

You can learn more about our wrapping systems by browsing our product pages and our product catalogs.