Strapping Machines

Dubose Strapping has partnered with Titan to provide the ideal solution for every type of strapping system. Titan’s Automatic Strapping Heads are known for their high performance, ease of maintenance and reliability. For Automatic Strapping Systems for PET plastic applications, Dubose offers several Titan technologies and tension capabilities.

The Titan VK 10 series utilizes the Titan thermo-weld joint and up to 1000 pounds tensioning capabilities. The VK 10 Automatic Strapping Head is a durable and easily maintained strapping system.

The T 200 and T400 Automatic Strapping Heads are the latest development from TITAN. These Automatic Strapping Heads operate with friction-weld technology and tensioning capabilities up to 1800 pounds. Equipped with servo motor drives, the T 200 and T400 Automatic Strapping Heads assure high efficiency and perfect strapping control.

Our Automatic Strapping Systems can be fully integrated into both new and existing production lines. Whether you are working with forest products, metals, paper or fibres, our systems are designed to provide the most efficient equipment solutions for your business.