Industries Served


DuBose Strapping offers protective packaging systems to secure loads throughout handling, shipping and storage for the Metals industry. We manufacture both steel and plastic strapping for metal loads. Steel strapping is the long-standing method of securing metal loads, but recent advancements in plastics technology has introduced high-strength polyester strapping that has distinct advantages to metal strapping in specific applications.

Whether it's metal strapping or plastic, DuBose has a complete product line of equipment, application tools and accessories so you can put together a complete strapping system.

Forest Products

DuBose Strapping began by providing metal strapping for lumber mills and manufacturing protective packaging systems for industries relying on Forest products remains an integral part of our business. Along with metal strapping, we also manufacture plastic strapping which offers clear advantages in specific applications. Our Forest industry specialists can help you decide what options are best for you by analyzing your application needs and recommending cost-effective solutions for your retail lumber applications. In addition to strapping, we also offer a range of application tools and accessories to complete your packaging system.

Brick: Block

DuBose Strapping protective systems for the Brick and Block industries focus on quality materials for securing loads throughout handling, shipping and storage. This may include either steel strapping or plastic strapping. The advent of new technologies in plastics makes plastic strapping a better alternative than steel strapping in specific applications. Let our plastic and steel strapping specialists help you decide which may be the better alternative for you. In addition, we also offer a wide range of equipment, accessories and application tools for a complete protective packaging system for the Brick and Block industries.

Fibers: Cotton

DuBose Strapping offers effective and cost-efficient protective packaging systems for synthetic fibers, cotton and yarn. Our strapping systems are designed to prevent product damage and contamination during shipping, handling and storage. We offer services for developing your complete protective packaging system. Our strapping and packaging systems consist of bail wrap, plastic strapping or a combination of these materials to suit your needs. Our industry specialists will help you design the perfect protective packaging system for your applications.

Paper: Corrugated

DuBose Strapping provides complete protective packaging systems for the Corrugated industry. Our systems are designed specifically for your applications to prevent damage during shipping, storage and handling. We offer a variety of materials, such as stretch film and plastic strapping to customize your protective systems. Our customer service, engineering and equipment service specialists work with you to design the most suitable alternative for protecting paper loads.
  • Copy Paper
  • Roll End Binding
  • Sheet Paper
  • Pulp

Can: Bottle

DuBose Strapping understands the needs of the Beverage Container industry for protecting their loads throughout shipping, handling and storage. We have developed innovative solutions that specific problems in your industry. Our products are designed to cost-effectively deal with problems such as bottle ovalization and disrupted loads. Whether cans or glass bottles, our sales, customer service and engineering specialists will take the time to understand your specific issues and design a protective packaging system that addresses those specific issues.